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Spurring Thinking Spaces

Kigo Thinkers is a network of academicians and practitioners of wide ranging disciplines with the sole mission to spur thinking spaces in Uganda. Kigo Thinkers are convinced that a basic ingredient of the exercise of genuine citizenship is one’s active engagement in thinking for one’s community.

Founding Thinkers

Oskar Semweya-Musoke.jpg

Oskar Semweya-Musoke

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“Who benefits from Uganda's public policies? Unfortunately it seems that policy makers, politicians, civil servants, and the haves of Uganda’s society gain the most. Let's inject a little more thought when designing policies for the country - and at all levels; even in smaller matters like when building a road roundabout for example!”


Petwa Rwomushoro

“Having started my work life in the public sector, I understand the need for formality! As a real estate developer and successful business person, I am frustrated by policy makers' failure to understand the purpose of business. Public policies seem to entrench bureaucracy instead of improving the ease of starting and operating businesses in Uganda.”


Norah Owaraga

"‘Ubuntu’ is ‘humanness’ manifested through expression of humanity towards others. Uganda’s policies are devoid of ubuntu towards Ugandans. They seem copied wholesale from exogenous sources. This kind of policy making is unacceptable to me for it hinges on the balkanisation of Ugandans in abstract numbers; omitting most aspects of our behaviour and making no reference to what we think and how feel. Policies must centre on us humans of Uganda."


Timothy Laku

"Many developing countries have not yet defined, as part of their ICT plans, mechanisms for ongoing policy review, assessment and monitoring to ensure that evolving ICT strategies are consistent with their development goals. Understanding past developments is important in formulating new and targeted policy proposals that can support and accelerate ICT penetration within Government, businesses and the society at large."

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Bank Loan & Interest Rates

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